How We Developed as Designers

Debari Home Team: Jessica DeBari
Trained in restoration and decorative painting as a child, Jessica worked alongside her mother as a young teenager on a variety of projects.  Jessica worked on painting and styling projects throughout her college years, and received expert training in classical techniques while studying for her MFA in Italy.  After finishing at American University, she entered the professional design world as a studio manager in Washington DC for a company which completed high end projects for designers such as Thomas Pheasant and Darryl Carter.

Jessica moved to New York to work with the decorative painter's union to finish historic structures such as the Plaza Hotel and Schubert Theatre.  Jessica continued working as a portrait artist in New York as well, and became a member of the Salmagundi Club, the oldest painting club in the United States. She moved into interior design while managing a design and antiques showroom on the upper east side of Manhattan.  After many years of creating custom finishes and fully furnishing homes with Flessas Design, Jessica decided to move back home to Arkansas to raise her children near her family and start a unique low cost design business. As a lifelong artist without deep pockets, Jessica has been able to use her extensive experience in the trades to create high end timeless interiors on a budget.

Debari Home Team: Thomas DeBari
Thomas DeBari is a lifelong artist who tackles design projects with a unique creative perspective.  Thomas worked in landscape design and art handling during his college years, becoming familiar with the finely detailed eye needed to create curated spaces.  Thomas mastered the computer skills necessary to create large scale repeating patterns and designs while working on his masters, and he put those skills to work after completing his MFA by creating custom inlay and paint patterns for design installation projects across D.C.

After moving to New York, Thomas continued to show as an artist in multiple venues while also beginning a career with the Greenwich Hotel.  At the Greenwich he worked alongside the great designer Axel Vervoodt to create spaces which transformed into complete aesthetic experiences. Thomas also became an expert all around remodeler and handyman while working with the hotel, developing a deep reservoir of knowledge and experience with problem solving all aspects of a renovation.  Thomas DeBari and Jessica partnered up to create, finish, and install large design projects around the New York area.  Thomas brings a lifetime of problem solving skills to each design project, and his extensive areas of experience helps keep client's costs down, while his creative spirit keeps everyone exited to move forward with each project.