Fayetteville Rustic Modern Renovation

From dated late 90’s to clean rustic modern!

From dated late 90’s to clean rustic modern!


A circa 2000 standard becomes a rustic modern haven!

How do you transform a home in Fayetteville Arkansas for a family living in Argentina?  Welcoming home world travelers to a completely transformed home, and on a budget,  was daunting! But the process was oddly smooth, due to the ease of skype calls and a mutual understanding of art and style (my client on this one is also an artist!)  the project was completed in just a couple of months!


Before and After Living Room

We started with an interior of 15 year old carpets and frankly hideous tile.   The entire house was painted an ochre yellow, and ceiling fans were the focal point of every room.  Some disjointed moldings and built-ins confused the architectural style of the home; so we set out to bring the entire home together by unifying the flooring and eliminating the built in elements which fought the architecture of the house.  As world travelers with an excellent collection of art and objects to work with, it was a thrill to get to put this house together.  The entire house was renovated: all new tile bathrooms, wood flooring throughout the living spaces and kitchen, new carpet in bedrooms, new backsplash in kitchen, custom fireplace and shelves, custom wood beams, and new paint of course.  I will be posting before and after pictures of the bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen shortly, but for now lets just take in the change in the living room in the pictures above!  From left before, to middle mood board, to finished day and evening snapshots!