Who doesn’t love a kitchen makeover?!


This kitchen was a drab mauve cookie cutter…


We took the client’s love of world travel and peaceful greens, and brought in textures and colors which reflected their love of Spanish and moroccan styles. The iron brackets relate to Spanish design, while the Macrame lights relate to Moroccan. The open shelving and lighter tones brighten the space, and a hexagonal theme is repeated in the tile, brackets, and lights.


A Historic home gets a Kitchen renovation which could be from any time in its history, and on a major budget!


This was a kitchen renovation on a major budget. We managed it by leaving the existing cabinetry and adding to it instead of starting from scratch. Paint is cheap and can do a great deal to transform a space! Additionally, the appliances were sourced at an extreme discount. We had to drive five hours away to get them, but we saved several thousand dollars doing so! With appliances, marble tile, new 2" butcherblock countertop, and marble island, this kitchen came in at just under 10K! A budget miracle! Here is the stunning before and after evidence