Tiffany Place, Brooklyn 


Blue, Turquoise, Gold and Black Living Room

The focal point of this living room is its large black venetian plaster wall with a deep teal border.  Rich blue tones and modern lines are blended with victorian, and art deco elements as well, creating a unique environment. 

Modern Dining Space with an Art Focus

The large two tier oval midcentury Lightolier chandelier sets a modern tone, while the cowhide rugs and funky head vase add a quirky aspect.  The large silver backed painting on the wall brings all of the elements together perfectly.


Venetian Plaster in Aqua Tones

This custom venetian plaster color was mixed to match the existing glass tiles in this bathroom.  The overall effect created left one with a great feeling of calm.  The black absorbent floor tones were mirrored as well with a deep gray ceiling tone, giving an overall balanced effect.  


Playful Striped Glazes for Children's Bathroom

This custom glazed stripe pattern was created in a children's bathroom, creating a cool, playful, and nautical effect.

Custom Soft  Gray Winnie Landscape Mural

This custom designed mural was created for a little boy's nursury. The mural was drawn out by hand, and then a gray tones paint was cut in from above to create the overall image.  Soft warm neutrals, a custom compass painted table, and a luxurious soft white shag finish the look off.